Your Questions About How To Make Rap Beats For Free

Sharon asks…

How can i make my own rap beats?

I know there are plenty of instrumentals out there, but i was wondering if there are any free programs for download that allow you to make music, specifically hip-hop and rap beats. please let me know.

admin answers:

Fruity Loops Studio :)

You can proberly get it free from TPB

George asks…

where can i find free beats(rap,hip-hop,r&b,reggaeton,etc.)?

where can i download free rap,hip-hop,r&b,reggaeton,etc. beats to my computer…i dont want to pay a single dime or penny, i want for them to be free. And if i download the beats how can i record my voice over it, as in how do i make my own little song? Do i need a special software, and if i do where can i find it for FREE?

admin answers:

For download limewire, for online go to….if u dont have limewire download it first from google…*()*

Sandy asks…

Does anyone know how to make beats?

hi im looking for someone who know how to make rap and rnb beats and wouldnt mind making me some for free. i know how to make beats its just i dont want to buy the full version of fl studio’s just yet. so if anyone is good at making these kind of beats please respond. atl style beats. oh and i rap just in case you were wondering why

admin answers:

Fruity Loops

Daniel asks…

How can i find rap artists or just artists in general who need help making beats?

i personally cant sing but i can make really nice instrumental tracks. i was wanting to make beats for people (for free) just to kinda get my name out there.

admin answers:

I would like help !
Here is some of my work

if you’re interested contact me at

Ruth asks…

How do I record full songs (rap) into my iPod touch for free?

I want to be able to share my skills and rap on either premade beats, or make my own and rap.

admin answers:

Put them onto your computer first and then use Itunes

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